First Look At Ben Kingsley In Marvel One Shot “All Hail The King” & Details


Check out a first look at the new Marvel one shot, “All Hail The King,” that is written and directed by Iron Man 3 writer Drew Pearce.

The new short film is 14 minutes and a featured part of the Thor 2 Blu-Ray.

Details include that Trevor Slattery is at Seagate Prison where he is being interviewed for a documentary about Tony Stark.

It’s said the interviewer is trying to determine if the Ten Rings is really out there and trying to target Slattery for making a mockery of their organization. If we read into it, it sounds as if the real Mandarin might really be out there.

Via EW:

Pearce offers some explanations regarding Iron Man 3 and how things fit.

 Aldrich essentially took a thing that was real, historically real and culturally real, and co-opted it for his own means — essentially co-opting an ancient terrorist concept. What [All Hail the King] does is show that everything in Iron Man 1 [involving the terrorist group] was canon all along any way. We kind of knew The Ten Rings were a real terrorist cell.

And on the Captain America tatoo the Mandarin sports and references?

It’s another one of Killian’s co-opting concepts. I think the whole of Iron Man 3 is about symbols and fake faces we’re creating around demons and what are heroes, you know so the idea of a cross between the Captain American shield and an anarchy sign felt exactly like what Killian’s think tank would put together as an incendiary tattoo that the Mandarin would have. But I like the fact that Trevor really has got all the tattoos on him as well. That was part of it.