Review: Fearless Defenders #10 (Infinity)


Fearless Defenders #10 fits into the category along with Captain Miss Marvel, Avengers Assemble, Nova and Thunderbolts as being tie-ins to Infinity that aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. 

This particular issue follows a new female character who happens to get transformed via the Terrigen Mists. There is a skirmish on the streets amongst a bunch of scantily clad Marvel female characters with a couple panels added in of Thanos‘ henchmen attempting to wipe out the new Inhuman cocoons. Well, one of the groups of females wants to harvest the cocoons and one wants to save them leading to a battle between the two, which leads to a “coming out” of the new female character joining the Fearless Defenders.

Marvel has major problems getting their female characters right in a majority of their titles, let alone where a female is to be the main focus, and that trend continues here. The issue is filled with cheesy dialogue and eye-rolling moments coupled with cartoonish-looking art. The page with Ren doing her dance routine says it all. Gimme a break.

Fearless Defenders #10 in no way progresses the Infinity storyline; if anything, it’s more associated with the upcoming event by Matt Fraction with Inhumanity. Similar to Infinity #4, it’s almost as if Marvel needs to get on with something else ASAP and leave the events of Infinity behind.

Fearless Defenders #10 isn’t even an issue I would recommend to those completists looking to have collected every issue of Infinity.