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Fear Itself: Welcome To The Thor Corps!

Fear Itself: Welcome To The Thor Corps!

Have you been checking out all the recent “Fear Itself” teasers which depict some form of the Odinson hammer with various marvel characters -heroes and villains alike – each attempting to wield the magical Asgardian tool?

Our street-level expert, Chris “DOC” Bushley, clued me in that the fourth teaser featured Dracula and Storm, in addition to Sin who I did recognize.

Well, the DOC’s theory is that Odin is reclaiming, “All the power that he put into these magical hammers and is leaving them up for grabs.”

Makes sense, as we know from the solicit to Fear Itself #2 that Odin imprisons Thor.

However, is Odin merely reclaiming the power or is he creating new instruments to defend both Asgard and Midgard alike?

If Odin is, indeed, taking the power back – then immediatley the Thunderstrike mace and Beta Ray Bill’s Stormbringer come to mind; what is to become of those heroes?

If not, and the All-Father is forging anew, creating a “Thor Corps” to combat the God of Fear who threatens the entire Marvel U, just who will be taking over Thor’s mantle as each teaser asks, “Who are the worthy?”

If the teasers are to be taken as a clue, it seems the “Thor Corps” will be made of of an interesting cast!

“Fear Itself” begins this March 16th with Fear Itself: Book Of The Skull from Ed Brubaker and Scot Eaton!

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