Fans Start Petition To Keep Andrew Garfield As Spider-Man



With leaked Sony e-mails revealing Marvel Studios plan to replace Andrew Garfield with a new actor for Spider-Man, fans have now reacted and started a petition to keep Garfield as the Wall Crawler.

The “Don’t replace Andrew Garfield as Spider Man” petition on currently has about 13,000 e-signatures, with its goal being 15,000.

The petition reads in part:

Alot of us have to grown to love and appreciate Andrew Garfield as the web head. He’s a been a Spider Man fan his whole life and he’s been handled incorrectly by the greedy idiots at Sony and he said himself that he would love to be in an Avengers movie and why not? He such a great Peter Parker and Spider Man and he derseves to be in one and alot of us would be very disappointed to see him kicked out and replaced after just two movies. So please sign this petition and spread it to your friends and on social media. The more the better

The news of Andrew Garfield’s replacement as Spider-Man came with mention Marvel wants creative control over the character, though Sony would still be involved with marketing and distribution; it’s been said Marvel wants Spider-Man in Captain America 3 and The Avengers Infinity War: Part I and II; a new costume will be created, and Sony has said they want standalone Spider-Man movies in 2017 and 2019.

To date, Sony or Marvel have yet to comment on Spider-Man returning to Marvel.