Fan Expo Canada 2011: Marvel Announces ‘Destroyers’ Mini From Fred Van Lente and Kyle Hotz


picFebruary will see a new five issue mini-series, Destroyers, from writer Fred Van Lente and artist Kyle Hotz focusing on the monsters in the Marvel U.

The Golden Age hero The Destroyer, The Thing, She-Hulk, Karkas, A-Bomb, and The Beast unite to stop a monstrous threat that endangers the lives of everyone!

“[The monsters] are being operated by a longstanding Marvel character whose motivations are pretty straightforward: By sending each one of these monsters to attack a different fault line, an Extinction-Level Event will trigger worldwide, slaying most humanity and allowing the Second Age of Monsters to begin,” Van Lente told

“This is a five-issue romp filled with explosions and crushing and more explosions, but it’s also an exploration of the thin line between humanity and our darker nature,” added Editor Bill Rosemann. “On the surface, the scary squad of The Thing, She-Hulk, A-Bomb, Karkas and The Beast each seem to be unstoppable engines of destruction—and they are! But beneath their fearsome exteriors lie the same fears and desires that motivate us all.”

So how does The Destroyer go about uniting this band of behemoths? In exchange for their help, The Destroyer offers to cure them!

“[The Destroyer] has offered them a cure for their various monstrous conditions, but only if they travel around the world and defeat the sudden outbreak of giant monsters that are stomping cities and devouring armies across the world,” Van Lente explained.

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