Extended Green Lantern Blu-Ray/DVD out October 14th

pic The Blu-Ray/DVD for the Green Lantern movie will be released October 14th in a few different formats with a boat load of extras.
There will be a DVD only version, a Blu-Ray/DVD version, and a 3D Blu-Ray/Blu-Ray/DVD version.
Blu-ray Bonus materials: 
Extended Cut of the Film 
Theatrical Cut of the Film 
UltraViolet Digital Copy (Also On DVD)
Access code for Sinestro Corp Batman Skin for Batman: Arkham City (Blu-Ray)
Maximum Movie Mode with Picture in Picture Pods 
The Universe According to Green Lantern 
Ryan Reynolds Becomes Green Lantern 
Justice League #1 Digital Comic (Also on DVD) 
Additional Scenes 
Preview of Green Lantern: The Animated Series (Also on DVD) 
DVD Version – $28.98. 
Blu-ray – $35.99: Standard Blu-Ray, regular DVD
3D Blu-ray- $40.99: 3D, Standard Blu-ray, regulard DVD
The UltraViolet Digital copy lets viewers stream the movie to computers, tablets and smartphones, and comes with all formats.
I am guessing the extended cuts will be on the regular DVD, the article at IGN wasn’t too clear. There is also no word how long the additional footage will be or what it includes.