Exclusive Interview: Joe Keatinge Talks Starfire & DC Universe Presents



DC Comics’ fine anthology title, DC Universe Presents, that launched with the New 52 in September 2011 is coming to an end in April with #19. But the month before that, look out for one of the most anticipated solo stories in the DCU as writer Joe Keatinge and artist Federico Dallocchio shine the spotlight on … Starfire!

While continuing to be a part of Red Hood and the Outlaws, Starfire shines in this book which has also featured the likes of Deadman, Challengers of the Unknown, Kid Flash and others.

To answer all your questions about the heroine and her solo opportunity, Cosmic Book News Managing Editor Byron Brewer caught up exclusively with scribe Keatinge and presented a few questions of his own.

Cosmic Book News: Starfire has been very controversial since the coming of the New 52. What is it that makes this character so special?

Joe Keatinge: She’s a character a whole lot of people have grown to love over the years. As for why I think she’s special, I actually get into that in the comic.

CBN: How did you first become involved in this character — as a fan or a creator?

Joe Keatinge: I think (Marv) Wolfman and (George) Perez did the standard-setting version of the character, so, yeah, I was a fan of that.

CBN: This will be Starfire’s first chance in the New 52 solo spotlight. Is there anything new we can expect from your interpretation of the character?

Joe Keatinge: Yes.

CBN: [Laughs] Okay, will there be any threads from Red Hood and the Outlaws that will be explored here, or is this a one-and-done like most in this anthology? Do you hope this might lead to something more than a solo story? A mini or ongoing perhaps?

Joe Keatinge: There are definitely aspects of Starfire’s backstory that play into this, much like how Arsenal’s comes into play in the previous issue. However, if you’ve never read a Starfire story, you should be able to pick this up.

CBN: Can we expect anything in Starfire’s story to spin back into Red Hood?

Joe Keatinge: That’s up to James Tynion IV at this point, but there is a particular thread in both my DC Universe Presents issues I’ll be following up at a later time.

CBN: Will we be seeing any more of the Outlaws in this solo story? Who is Starfire’s big-bad?

Joe Keatinge: This is Starfire’s story. As for the big bad, read the comic.

CBN: How is it working with illustrator Federico Dallocchio on this story? What does he bring to the table for Starfire?

Joe Keatinge: We’ve just started working together, but so far so good! He’s certainly talented.

CBN: Any other projects you would care to talk about in the present or future?

Joe Keatinge: Glory is wrapping up at Image. Hell Yeah is there too, just starting off another five-issue run. Then I’m working with Ken Garing over at Monkeybrain on an astronaut comic called Intergalactic. Then more stuff at Image. Over at Marvel, I’m writing scientific vampire comics in the pages of Morbius: The Living Vampire. At DC? Stay tuned.

Cosmic Book News would like to thank Joe Keatinge for his time and also thank Alex Segura and Alex Nagorski at DC Comics for helping to make this interview possible.

“DC Universe Presents” #18 starring Starfire will be on shelves March 20!

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