Exclusive Interview: Peter David tells us what’s all-new with X-Factor



He’s at it again! Prolific comic book creator Peter David, better known to his fans (among whom our M.E. counts myself) as PAD, is re-re-re-relaunching his always-excellent X-Factor mag, this time as All-New X-Factor.

Part of the All-New Marvel NOW, PAD and artist Carmine Di Giandomenico will be delivering new adventures of the mutant misfits now under the command of always-a-bridesmaid daughter of Magneto, Lorne Dane AKA Polaris.

What’s new about the All-New X-Factor? Our M.E., Byron Brewer, met exclusively with PAD hours before the comic book’s release upon the masses to find that out.  

Cosmic Book News: Peter, let’s start with my most important question: how are you feeling? I was among the many fans worried after your illness.

Peter David: I’m feeling fine.  My legs are still weaker than they used to be, but otherwise I’m back to where I used to be.

CBN: Knowing PAD as a writer, you must already be well into New X-Factor. Without one of your custom flippant remarks, what’s “new”?

Peter David: The team.  The set up.  The enemies they will be facing and the situations in which they find themselves.


CBN: Tell us a little about your cast. Can you mention anyone besides Lorna, Pietro and Gambit?

Peter David: I’d been keeping it a secret, but the advance promotion of the covers has pretty much blown that our other members will be Cypher, Warlock and Danger, three more characters who are relatively new for me.

CBN: Any threads from your previous X-Factors going to figure in here? It would make fans who have your entire run (such as yours truly) very happy.

Peter David: There’s a nod to Jamie and Layla in the first issue, and an old member shows up in issue 3 for a cameo, so hopefully that will cheer people.

CBN: Some new foes? Some old foes? (Watch those flippant remarks.)

Peter David: Some old opponents will be turning up, including Warlock’s dad, the Magus, as well as the crew from the Thieves Guild.  And we’ll be introducing some new opponents as well.

CBN: Any new cool supporting cast? Loved Pip as an officer administrator, lol.

Peter David: The supporting cast at this point are the employees of Serval Industries, who certainly bring some problems and secrets of their own.

CBN: Miss any of the old cast? Any joining Lorna’s team?


Peter David: The old cast will be off doing their own thing for the most part, but never rule anything out.

CBN: What can you tell us about Serval Industries?

Peter David: I’ve kind of based them on Google.  They started out providing one of the best search engines in the Marvel Universe, but have since gone on to get involved in other aspects of the world.  One of those aspects is having a superhero team.

CBN: What does Carmine Di Giandomenico bring to the X-table? Do you think this incarnation of X-Factor can keep a regular artist or artists more than a couple of issues?

Peter David: He brings wonderful dedication and artistry.  And I sure hope he’ll stay around; he’s already penciling issue 4, and considering the last time we started X-Factor the artist lasted an issue and a half, I figure we’re already ahead of the game.

CBN: PAD, any other projects present or future you would like to mention? Where can fans still contribute to your medical costs?

Peter David: Without going into detail, I’m working on a Deadpool project that I’m really excited about.  More on that later.  As for fans contributing, they can buy my books being published through Crazy 8 at www.crazy8press.com or off Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Cosmic Book News would like to thank Peter David for taking time during his book’s relaunch to answer our questions. We would also like to thank Marvel’s own Chris D’Lando who helped make this interview possible.

“New X-Factor” #1 hits stores Wednesday!