Exclusive: Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning: Beaming Aboard Battlestar Galactica



In 2013, the 35th anniversary of the franchise, Dynamite Entertainment will be releasing a new comic book caring the adventures of the crew of Battlestar Galactica, written by CBN fan faves Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, aka DnA.

The scribes are excited about this new opportunity to go cosmic yet again, so Cosmic Book News Managing Editor Byron Brewer conversed exclusively a bit with the writers of such properties as Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel), Legion of Super-Heroes (DC) and their own creator-owned Hypernatuals for BOOM! Studios.

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Cosmic Book News: Tell me about this new property you are working on, a redo of the original Battlestar Galactica, for Dynamite. How did that come about?

DnAWe’ve been looking to do a project with Nick [Barrucci, Dynamite founder, president and publisher] ever since he locked us in a warehouse back in 2000 and had us sign thousands of comics. We ended up having a hoot and hit it off with Nick so that, years later, once he started up Dynamite, we would run into each other at various cons and Nick would say, ‘We’ve got to work together on something.’ And we’d say, ‘We’d really like to work on something.’ But for one reason or another it never panned out until recently when we were chatting at another con, Nick mentioned he had several properties he’d like to throw at us to see if there was anything we fancied working on. One of these was classic BSG, which we both love from back in the day watching it as kids. This time around, everything lined up and we came up with what we thought was a cool idea which Nick and the gang liked so here we are.

What we’re doing is picking up the story after Dynamite’s previous Galactica 1980 mini-series by Marc Guggenheim. We’re setting our story 33 years later, in 2013, but not our 2013, it’s a 2013 where the population of Earth has made contact with an alien race who has shared all its technological secrets. It’s a 2013 that’s as fundamentally different from now as now is from 1980. Under the guidance of the Colonials, mankind has taken to the stars and began populating the solar system; creating colonies on the moon, Jupiter and Mars. Inter-system travel is commonplace and a new era of peace and prosperity has reigned on the planet for decades. Unfortunately, due to the years of peace and growth, many have forgotten the reasons the Colonists came to Earth in the first place and the threat of the Cylons has been relegated to bedtime stories to scare the kids.  But the Cylons have never forgotten … and our story picks up there.


CBN: Will there be anything done on the Cylons to make them more of a threat than in the TV series? Will there be other big bads out there in space for the crew?

DnA: We’ve always considered the Cylons a pretty formidable threat from the get-go: they are a relentless, single-minded, cybernetic warrior race hell-bent on the utter destruction of mankind. There’s not much more you can add to that to up the stakes really, maybe they hate cats too? We’ll be exploring all the possibilities the Cylons have to offer and with the unlimited budget of a comic book, we hope to show exactly how bad-ass they can be.

As for other threats, the TV series showed there was more than one alien civilization in the universe. We intend to use existing continuity to the full as well as taking this opportunity to add to this epic cannon. Unfortunately as was shown in the previous mini-series Adama sacrificed his life to repel the Cylon threat so our story will focus on his grandson Troy who has some pretty big shoes to fill.

CBN: In your version of this franchise, what characters along with Troy will be the leads and which ones have you already built an affinity for?

DnA: As we said, Troy is our main focus but we will be adding some new characters as well as bringing other crew members who didn’t get to shine in the previous series to the spotlight, like Boomer, Hamilton and maybe we’ll get to see what happened to Starbuck, Apollo and Athena.

CBN: Will you be including the past TV episodes as canon, as BOOM’s Planet of the Apes series did, or is this a fresh start with the same characters?

DnA: We’re setting ourselves in the continuity established in Dynamite’s previous mini-series Galactica 1980 where Marc Guggenheim re-imagined the spin-off series from the original BSG series.

CBN: Anything from other variations of BSG being included (Starbuck as female, etc.)?

DnA: Nope, we’re firmly in the classic BSG universe.

CBN would like to thank DnA for their time as well as Nick Barrucci, who was kind enough to help arrange this interview.

Battlestar Galactica arrives from Dynamite in 2013!

image0001 Exclusive: Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning: Beaming Aboard Battlestar Galactica  image0003 Exclusive: Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning: Beaming Aboard Battlestar Galactica