Exclusive: Al Pacino In Talks To Play Grandmaster In Guardians of the Galaxy 2




Back in August, Al Pacino stated he absolutely loved the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, which he found to be a “most entertaining, inventive, beautiful film.”

Pacino even said he would consider doing Guardians of the Galaxy 2 or any other Marvel movie.

Back then, I guessed Al Pacino could play The Grandmaster, a fellow Elder to Benicio Del Toro’s The Collector.

Now it’s learned that Al Pacino has taken a meeting with Marvel as Pacino appeared on Josh Horowitz’s (of MTV) Happy Sad Confused podcast where he revealed he has spoken with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.

While Pacino didn’t state which role they discussed or whether he will be featured in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, our “mysterious” cosmic benefactor who first told us about the Stan Lee Guardians of the Galaxy cameo as well as Nova not being in the movie and details on Ronan, The Collector, Xandar and additional scenes has said my guess was right on the money.

Obviously, James Gunn is still writing the script for Guardian of the Galaxy 2, so anything could happen and Pacino could be up for any other role, but Gunn did state new characters would be featured, and Pacino definitely fits the part.

The Grandmaster even once possessed the Mind Gem, but lost it to Thanos.

Here is what Pacino had to say on the podcast:

“It’s a Marvel how these things happen,” Pacino joked. “But with [Guardians of the Galaxy], I was taken up. It was inventive, funny, strong in sound and music, the production of it, the ingenuity of it… I was really impressed.

“Why wouldn’t I like a movie like that? Why wouldn’t I appreciate a movie like that?” Pacino continued. “I’m not necessarily going to be in it, but at the same time, there’s value to it, and you can see it.”

Pacino then stated the following when asked whether or not he thinks anything will come from his meeting with Feige: “I would imagine either there’s something he feels is right for me, or…”

And then it’s reported Pacino was interrupted by a phone call and added with a laugh, “Every time we talk about Marvel, that’s what happens.”

“Guardians of the Galaxy 2” has a May 5, 2017 release.