Ender’s Game Tops Box Office With $27 Million



This past weekend saw Ender’s Game debut, and it topped the Box Office with $27 million.

Ender’s Game had a budget of around $110 million, and it currently sits at around $36 million worldwide, so that is kind of a shaky start.

I saw it last night and my initial impression was that it was the Harry Potter of space movies (space Quidditch and all).

It was an okay movie. Acting was fine. Story was okay, but overall nothing special. It’s sort of drawn out. I got the feeling it would have made a better television series, or if it was made 20 years ago it would have had better appeal. As it stands, it’s set almost 200 years in the future and kids are still using iPads. I guess Orson Scott Card (who had nothing to do with the movie, I believe) thought of that in 1985, but seeing how we are using them (tablets) now, it doesn’t exacty come off as futuristic. A majority of the movie is basically virtual reality, which leaves you wanting something to actually happen. For me personally, the underlying themes of the movie were more appealing, though they weren’t heavily explored. I haven’t read the book, but the way the story played out was predictable. All in all, not a bad flick.