Emmett Scanlan Cast As The Spectre In Constantine TV Series



Back in July, a producer on Constantine mentioned they wanted Jim Corrigan, aka The Spectre, for the series.

Now it’s learned that Emmett Scanlan has been cast in the role.

IGN reports that Scanlan will appear in Constantine as a recurring guest star.

The character of Jim Corrigan in the TV series is described as: a homicide detective in New Orleans who is plunged into Constantine’s world of occult horrors. Corrigan is someone who is obsessed with justice, and who doesn’t let police procedure or red tape stop him from putting away the bad guys, even if the bad guys turn out to be inhuman.

It was also previously stated that Corrigan/The Spectre could be a possible spinoff series from Constantine.

Emme Scanlan is known for The Fall, In The Flesh, and recently had a small role in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Constantine premiers Friday, October 24th on NBC.



Emmett Scanlan in Guardians of the Galaxy with Karen Gillan