EIC Matt McGloin’s Best of and Worst Of List For 2012


2012 has come and gone, and with that here is my list of various favorite and not so favorites from the past year.

Granted I haven’t seen every movie or TV show or read every comic book, so bear that in mind.



Best Movie: The Avengers 

The Avengers easily gets the best movie of the year in my book. It has something for everyone — the young and old alike. It also saw the previous Marvel Studios movies come together giving viewers a huge pay off. Really, I can’t think of anything that was wrong with the movie. 

Biggest Surprise: Cabin In The Woods

Another Joss Whedon movie; this movie was fabulous. I went in not knowing too much about it, thinking it your average B-budget horror flick. Boy, was I surprised! It was a homage to many different movies, including Evil Dead, with an added twist and overall was really refreshing. This is a must see. 


Most Disappointing: The Dark Knight Rises

Way too many plot holes for my taste. The end was also a let down with Bane’s death as well as the nuke. This video sums things up rather nicely. I think a majority of fans were expecting something along the lines of The Dark Knight and were disappointed by what they got, which was Batman Begins all over again. Honestly, watching it I got the feeling that Nolan didn’t want to do a third movie and didn’t put his “all” into it. Just my observation.

Worst Movie: Prometheus

I have no respect for anyone that deems this movie “good.” Sorry, it was that bad. Honestly, I thought it was atrocious and some of the worst writing I have ever seen in a big-budget movie. And they are making Part 2? Wow. This was a sad attempt at creating an allegory for mankind becoming more than man with Ridely Scott including the aliens created us mumbo jumbo into the mix. The writing was p*ss poor as was the editing. I’ll say the effects were top notch as was Michael Fassbender. Adios to Damon Lindelof.

The Expendables 2 comes in at a close second for worst movie of the year as all it did was whore out the big names associated with the movie. Sorry, wasn’t worth the price, even for free.


Best TV Show: American Horror Story: Asylum

Sorry, The Walking Dead fans, if you are not watching this you are missing out on the best horror show on television (granted I don’t watch all that much). This show is freakin‘ crazy and more adult-oriented than TWD. Don’t get me wrong, The Walking Dead is awesome, just not up there with this.

Most Blah TV Show: WWE RAW

I didn’t feel RAW deserved “worst” TV show of the year as it isn’t bad, so I created the “Blah” category. What RAW has been is just not much of anything. It’s boring. Going 3 hours was a big mistake and it’s all been downhill since July. Seems the same old same old, and the McGloin household hasn’t been interested for quite sometime. 


Best Video Game of the Year: Black Ops II (PS3)

The game is just phenomenal. It’s like four or more games in one as there is Zombie mode, Campaign and all the various Multiplayer modes. David Goyer wrote the story for Campaign, so there is that as well.

You’ve probably read on all the sites and watched the VGAs how TellTale Games’ The Walking Dead is the best game of the year. It’s called — hopping on the bandwagon. Yeah, TWD is the coolest thing to hit just about every form of media right now (when’s the moving coming out?), but the game didn’t deserve best game of the year. Why? It’s hardly a game. It’s more of a choose your own adventure story than anything. Don’t get me wrong it’s still really cool and definitely worth a play.

Note: For the record, I haven’t played Mass Effect 3, yet.

Worst Video Game of the Year: Doctor Who

If I was the BBC and Sony I would be embarrassed by this one. It was awful. It really blows my mind that they would even put this out for a console like PS3. It’s not even worth playing on your iPhone. The game is full of bugs and poor player control. It’s 2-D, and it’s definitely NOT COOL. My advice to the BBC would be to get TellTale to make a similar game for Doctor Who like they did for The Walking Dead. Too bad the Doctor can’t fix this one.


Comic Books:

2012 saw my comic book reading list dwindle. Basically since last April I’ve just about stopped reading almost all Marvel and DC titles. AvX was the end of Marvel for me, as was BendisAvengers. At to that the relaunch of Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy and my thinking is that Marvel doesn’t respect me as a customer or want me as one. Fine by me. I’m also sick of Marvel using the same characters over and over with sales for the character always being the same i.e. not that good. Ms. Marvel comes to mind as does Moon Knight, Cap and Thor spinoff minis. How about some new characters? Marvel feels more stagnant than ever.

Regarding DC and their New 52, they had me at hello with their first issues. All of them were really good; however, just about every title sans Batman has dropped in quality. Add to that the ones I did enjoy all were canceled or will be (OMAC, Frankenstein). It seems as if DC editorial has had a hand with that problem. I’ll say this to the guys at DC as well as Marvel — check your egos, guys.

I said it once and I’ll say it again, we all don’t read Avengers and Batman titles. Some of the lesser selling books get folks like me into the shops who do purchase the “core” books. If DC or Marvel don’t want another 15-20,000 added to their core titles with guys like me who come into the shop looking for books like Nova, that’s on them. If I spend twenty bucks a week at a comic shop, that’s over a grand a year they have lost. And I’m not the only one. Due the math.

The good news is that for the New Year I am going to put more of my time into the Indies. Image, Boom!, IDW, Dark Horse, Valiant etc. all put out good quality books. I really think their main problem is connecting with readers and getting them to know what their stuff is about and that’s it out there. Hopefully things change for 2013.

I’ll leave the “best of” and “worst of” comic book list for The DOC and M.E. Byron Brewer.

Feel free to give us your own “best of” and “worst of” for 2012 in the comments below.