EIC Axel Alonso “Nova key character in 2012”


picGood news, Nova fans!

In today’s “Marvel A-I-C” column over at CBR, Marvel EIC Axel Alonso is asked what characters fans should be on the lookout for — and CBN fan-favorite Nova is one of them!

CBR: We’ve got a few issues of “Fear Itself” and “Schism” left, so there’s still a lot for readers to discover as far as how all these plans will roll out. However, at this stage in the game, who are the characters you think will come out of these events as the breakout ones to watch moving into the end of the year?

Axel Alonso: 

• Iron Fist: Another key character in 2012.

• Nova: Ditto. Save the questions, folks — my lips are sealed.

So, it looks like Nova will be returning in 2012, with a lot of fans thinking a new Nova-related book might launch around the premiere of The Avengers movie, which is May 4th 2012. Hey, there are aliens in the movie.
In addition, there has been speculation as to the role of Jeph Loeb in Marvel Cosmic, with a mention by Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada at last month’s SDCC.
Marvel is keeping a tight lip on all of this, but more details should be revealed in the coming months (hopefully!).
Last we saw Nova was in The Thanos Imperative, where he, along with the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Star-Lord, gave up the good fight for the sake of the entire Marvel Universe, seemingly sacrificing himself in an attempt to stop a returned Mad Titan Thanos from reaching the Marvel 616!
As our heroes sealed the Cancerverse with the assistance of a cosmic cube, the last we saw of Richard Rider and Peter Quill was a white blank void!
So it seems come 2012, the cosmic faithful will see Nova ride the spaceways once again!