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ECCC: Marvel mentions “Bring Back Quasar” Cake and Nightcrawler Postcards – what about Nova?

ECCC: Marvel mentions “Bring Back Quasar” Cake and Nightcrawler Postcards – what about Nova?


Marvel held their panel at this weekend’s Emerald City Comiccon, and the question of a returning Nightcrawler was brought up.

Matt Fraction replied, “It’s on the table. I can’t tell you how sad the room was when we realized that we were going to have to do this [kill off Nightcrawler].”

C.B. Cebulski then went on to inform us that Marvel has been receiving post cards each day with little sketches and “bring me back.”

“Nightcrawler’s death has been special. There is someone out there who sends a postcard to Marvel every day. They have a tail and messages like ‘Bring me back,'” said Cebluski. ‘These have gone all the way up, from writers to editors to Editor-in-Chief.’ The suggestion was made that when Nightcrawler comes back ‘We should print these.'”

Bendis butts in to add his thoughts, “Yeah, you should encourage this behavior!”

Associate Editor Lauren Sankovitch, “joked that when another character died, a fan sent Marvel a cake requesting their revival, which worked. ‘He’s back… so people like cake,’ she brightly suggested.”

“Matt Fraction nervously asked about poisoned cake, but Sankovitch fired back ‘That’s why we give it to the interns!’ to much laughter.”

Hey Matt – I was one of the “Rabid” Quasar fans to send the cake. We called a bakery in NYC and had them deliver it just because of that concern! On top of that we sent “real” letters to the Marvel offices, t-shirts, petitions and more! Actually, CBN sprung from the Bring Back Wendell Vaughn As Quasar campaign.

All this talk of death, begs the question: What are all the Nova and Star-Lord fans out there going to do?

Source: CBR

Speaking of Nova, from Boom! Studios CEO Ross Richie’s facbook page, at the ECCC: