Dwayne Johnson Says He’ll Be Ready For Luke Cage


Luke Cage seems to be a hot commodity amongst Hollywood actors right now as many have been forthcoming about wanting to play Power Man.

The latest has Dwayne Johnson publicly vying for the role.

Previously, Marvel Studios president and producer Kevin Feige was asked in a QnA if they were at all interested in The Rock, with Feige responding his name has come up and that they would love him to be a part of the Marvel universe.

Now, Dwayne Johnson responds on his Twitter stating he will be ready for Luke Cage.

Back in January it was learned that a Heroes For Hire movie was being looked at, of which includes Luke Cage and the martial artist, Iron Fist.

Dwayne Johnson was also up for Lobo in the DC Comics movie, which eventually went away, but recently did tease that a superhero role is in his future.