Donal Logue Says Gordon TV Series Rumors Aren’t True



Lots of rumors have hit the past couple of days with the latest being that Donal Logue is up for the role of Jim Gordon in the Gotham TV series.

Details became recently known about the Gotham TV series ranging from that it will be in the vein of the Nolan Batman movies to featuring the origins of Batman villains as well as starting off minus capes and disguises.

With that, Donal Logue (known for Blade, The Patriot and Sons of Anarchy) was said to have been offered the lead in Gotham.

Logue, however, has taken to his Twitter to dismiss the rumor.

not true! I wish-would be awesome (but who could top Gary Oldman?) From what I heard, Gotham catches Gordon in his late 20’s

We see Logue mentions a younger Gordon being used, but it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to have someone of Logue’s age featured. Logue is 47 years-old, and if Gordon becomes Commissioner by the time Batman is in his prime, say age 30, that would make Gordon 63-ish

William Bratton, just named the NYC Police Commissioner as of January 1st, happens to be 66.

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