Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation Comic Book Cross-Over Coming In May


This is a match made in the Tardis!

Looks like in May, from comic book publisher IDW Publishing, we are getting a Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation cross-over.

Now this marks the first of its kind for Doctor Who, who hasn’t previously appeared outside of his own Universe, I believe, while Stark Trek has on more than one occasion.

Still, what’s gonna happen when the likes of the Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory the Roman meet up with Number One, Data, Warf, Geordie – and Jean Luc Picard!


Or better yet – Geronimo!

And will the Enterprise be able to take down a bunch of Daleks?! Likewise, will the Borg try to assimilate the Doctor?! Who knows who is gonna show!

Should be fun.

A few more details have become known.

Bleeding Cool posted the following cover.