Doctor Who & Sherlock Theme Park On The Way



It’s being reported that the BBC has signed a 3.149 billion dollar deal with London Resort Company Holdings for a UK theme park that may include Doctor Who and Sherlock.

The Guardian reports BBC Worldwide has signed with a Kuwait-backed property developer to allow a range of its programs and characters to be “brought to life” in partnership with Paramount Pictures.

The new resort promises to “combine the glamour of Hollywood with the best of British culture,” and the BBC’s brands and characters “are to be turned into rides, interactive simulators and experiences.”

While it hasn’t officially been announced which BBC shows will be featured in the resort, Doctor Who, Sherlock and Top Gear are expected to be among them as they are the network’s most popular series and most recognized by international audiences.

It’s further said that London Resort Company Holdings also has access Paramount’s Mission: Impossible, Star Trek, The Godfather and The Italian Job.