Doctor Who Season 6 Spoilers (Monster Invasion Battle Cards)


pic Seems some spoilers to the upcoming season 6 of Doctor Who have hit the web via “Doctor Who: Monster Invasion Battle Cards.”

You can check out six of them below along with text spoilers.

• Amy marks her skin with tally marks each time she sees a Silent monster.

• Inside the astronaut’s suit is a mysterious little girl. But who is she?

• The astronaut’s high-tech suit was build by the sinister Silence.

• The Doctor wearing the Stetson cowboy hat is from the future.

• When Riverson spent time in the future at Stormcage Containment Facility, she killed someone. Who?

• Amy Pond is kidnapped by the Silence when she investigates Greystark Hall.

A few other spoilers:

• River Song is a human from Earth

• Canton helps the Doctor fight the Silence

• Could the astronaut spell the end for the Doctor?

Unconfirmed/Rumor: Rose Tyler, the Human Doctor (David Tennant) and Captain Jack are set to appear in a future episode(s).

Updated: Sorry, folks, but we were asked to take the images down.  

Doctor Who Season 6 premiers in both the U.S. and UK on April 23rd on the BBC!