Video: Doctor Who Season 6 Online Prequel to Episode 1 and New Image


picThe online prequel to the first episode of Doctor Who Season 6 hit today and you can check it out right here on Cosmic Book News!

Updated: With the following image the BBC released (right).

It’s actually more of a short clip and a promo for the upcoming season than anything – but it’s still pretty awesome — and terrifying!

This season sounds like it is going to be a bit scarier as we get “The Silence” with Doctor Who, Matt Smith, describing it as scarier than the Weeping Angels!

The new series of Doctor Who begins at Easter with The Impossible Astronaut. But before that we have a short scene written by Steven Moffat that reveals a little of what we can expect from the adventure … and what the Doctor will be facing!

Doctor Who Season 6 premiers in both the U.S. and UK on April 23rd on the BBC!

Check it out: