Doctor Who Season 6 Mid-Season Cliffhanger Spoilers



Well, no man can escape from the Cybermen – and that apparently includes the Doctor!

We know from previous reports that the Cybermen will be returning to Season 6 of Doctor Who, but what’s the story?

Keep in mind these are just rumors – or “rumours” I guess.

DoctorWhoTV reports that in episode 7, the Cybermen will be trapping Doctor Who, played by Matt Smith, by freezing him inside a block of ice  – and then escaping with the Doctor in tow.

Previous rumors said the episode to be similar to “Empire Strikes Back” – so this fits.

This appears to be the mid season cliffhanger as the Doctor Who Season 6 episodes are split between the first seven and last six.

From there, Episode 8 sees River, Amy and Rory trying to free Doctor Who, according to DWT.

The new season of Doctor Who begins this Spring.

Here is the trailer for Season 6: