Doctor Who Runs Out Of Time; Cut From Opening Ceremony Of Olympics In London



Now this?

Is not cool.

Something big was planned for the opening ceremony of the Olympics — something that involved Doctor Who.

However, when it came down to it, ironically enough, the good Doctor just ran out of time.

The opening ceremony of the Olympics was originally supposed to feature the iconic sound of the Tardis with a video montage of the 11 Doctors.

It was even included in the technical rehearsal — because, you know, it is the Doctor’s 50th Anniversary next year.

The feature was to take place at the end of the Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody tribute, and while the whirl of the Tardis could be heard, the video footage was cut.

Later, Edward Russelll, the brand manager of Doctor Who, tweeted the following:

And scouring YouTube, we see that the opening footage to the Olympics that included the sound of the Tardis has been taken down by the International Committee.

So not cool.

But what viewers did get to see was James Bond and the Queen.

In a related note: Back in the 2006 episode of Doctor Who‘s “Fear Her,” David Tennant was the one to light the Olympic cauldron.

(Via DoctorWhoNews)

Season 7 of Doctor Who debuts this Fall.