Doctor Who: Get Your Own Cybermat from “Closing Time”


Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who seems to be a pretty popular one.

First, baby Alfie, better known as Stormageddon, has taken the internet…well by storm, and now so have the cybermats!

The cybermats were the little buggers in the department store that were the reason for the lights flickering as they were getting into the electic lines to help power the crashed Cybermen ship.

And now, you too, can own one!

The little Cybermen rat can be ordered from Forbidden Planet just in time for Christmas for your own baby Alfie! (No idea if the teeth show or not)

Question: Is there a U.S. store that sells Who merchandise, and why aren’t they available at Toys R Us?!


Recreate scenes from Series 6, Episode 12. Closing Time with this replica electronic patrolling Cybermat with motorised tail action. Watch as it hunts, patrols and changes direction when it bumps into an object. Requires 2 x AA batteries. 5+