Doctor Strange Movie: Physicist Sean Carroll On As Consultant



When Disney recently announced a release date for a new unnamed Marvel Studios movie, I had hoped it was for Guardians of the Galaxy.

While nothing is confirmed for that April 4, 2014 date, it could actually be for the Doctor Strange movie. 

Still good news if so, of course.

We know Doctor Strange on the big screen has been given the green light as the script is currently underway, as well as a director being sought.

Now, we get confirmation that the Sorcerer Supreme gets his Scientist Supreme.

No, not Hanky Pym, but Sean Carroll, a theoretical physicist at the California Institute of Technology, who consults for movie studios.

Carroll offers up his expertise when the studios inquire as to the realness of the movie. For instance, Caroll consulted on Thor, and when it came up that the realm of the Frost Giants was to be essentially flat, Carroll objected as it wouldn’t make sense from a gravity standpoint. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige agreed, and Jotunheim became round. Another example is that Feige didn’t want the bridge between Asgard and Midgard (Earth) to be called a wormhole, as he thought it too “90s” (most likely too Star Trek: Deep Space 9), so Carroll suggested using the actual scientific name, the Einstein-Rosen bridge.

In an article that first appeared in Popular Science, and re-posted on io9, we learn that Carroll will be consulting on the Doctor Strange movie.

Now that Carroll’s done with Thor, he’s moved on to Doctor Strange, about a surgeon who becomes earth’s Sorcerer Supreme. Carroll’s job is to apply limits to Strange’s powers. “You need constraints to provide tension,” he says.