Doctor Strange Director Teases Infinity Gauntlet


With all the recent rumors surrounding which actor will be cast as Doctor Strange, now comes a teaser of sorts from director Scott Derrickson as well.

Derrickson took to his Twitter to post a panel from the Jim Starlin Infinity Gauntlet comic which features Doctor Strange.

Scott Derrickson added, “Open your eye,” with the image.

As fans know, the Infinity Gauntlet featured the Mad Titan Thanos who recently appeared in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie as well as The Avengers.

Infinity Gauntlet sees Thanos acquire the six Infinity Gems (Infinity Stones in the Marvel movies) giving him omnipotence.

Perhaps Scott Derrickson is teasing Thanos and the Infinity Stones will play a role in the Doctor Strange movie.

Below you can check out the full pages from Infinity Gauntlet #1 featuring the panel that sees the Silver Surfer warn Doctor Strange about Thanos.


From Infinity Gauntlet #1: