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DnA’s Nova Still Outselling NINO

DnA’s Nova Still Outselling NINO


Good news for fans of Richard Rider as it is learned Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s 2007 Nova run is still outselling the new “NINO” replacement.

October 2014’s sales numbers are out, and NINO sold 22,485.

Abnett and Lanning’s own issue of Nova #22 sold 25,060 copies back in February 2009.

Bear in mind, Abnett and Lanning’s Nova never got anywhere near as much exposure as NINO, who Marvel has been jamming down fans’ throats by putting the character in every event. NINO is also featured in a Disney animated series, which obviously isn’t helping.

Meanwhile, even though Marvel Comics cancelled and killed off Richard Rider when news of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie became known, the character still is popular amongst the fans as the Richard Rider Nova action figure from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie line was the top selling figure (even selling better than Rocket Raccoon). Most recently, a poll for the Marvel Heroes 2015 video game saw Richard Rider Nova come out on top over NINO as the default choice of character for the game.

And speaking of DnA’s Nova #22, Marvel Studios used the cover as inspiration for promo art for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Then there is the less than stellar appearance by Richard Rider in the recent issues of BendysGarbage of the Galaxy. It was pretty clear that Bendys and the editors on the book didn’t bother to do their homework as everything from the dialogue to the art to the writing was just awful. (Note: Fans are now writing “Bendys” due to the misspelling of Richard Rider’s name. We’ll follow suit). The three drawn out issues saw Rider create a doorway for Star-Lord and Drax to return to Earth. Of course, Thanos just managed to sneak by, which totally circumvents Nova and Star-Lord’s (and Abnett and Lanning’s) intent to trap Thanos in the Cancerverse in the first place.

Obviously, fans didn’t enjoy the three-part story, but guess what? That is the fans’ fault, according to Tom Brevoort. I’ve been following Brevoort’s responses on his Tumblr for quite a while, and one thing he always does is spin blame away from himself and Marvel. 

Yep. That’s just what Brevoort does regarding reaction to Bendys‘ Rider story.

My advice if you want Richard Rider back as Nova is to stop buying anything with NINO in it.

I would also advise the Nova fan sites out there to stop all promotion of NINO.

Quasar fans all stuck together. Where’s the Nova cake, guys?