Disney Announces No Star Wars News At D23: Any Truth To Abrams Leaving Rumor?



Disney held their “big” D23 Expo this past weekend with Star Wars fans disappointed by what they received, which was a whole lot of nothing.

All Disney did was confirm the Star Wars: Episode VII 2015 release date – and that’s it. Well, you can actually scratch that as they didn’t confirm a specific date just Summer of 2015.

So what gives?

Previous to the D23 it was rumored that filming for Star Wars Episode VII was actually set to begin this month, and not next year.

If that was the case, I think Disney would have actually announced something, as more than likely set images would be hitting the net, casting announcements etc. So I’m guessing that may not be true.

However, following Comic-Con a rumor hit the net – that Disney was quick to shoot down – that said J.J. Abrams was bailing on Star Wars citing differences between the director and Disney, with the London filming location as an example. 

The original source stated Abrams has been threatening to leave the movie, and if no announcements are made soon fans should start worrying.

Is that the reason Disney held back at their once-every-two-years Expo? Because Abrams is still threatening to leave Star Wars: Episode VII?

Regardless what is going on, and we may never find the answer, but the Disney D23 Expo seemed the right time for at least something.

Did Disney miss a prime opportunity for a Star Wars announcement at the D23 Expo or is it still too early in the game? Let us know below!

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