Detroit gets their Robocop Statue



The Detroit Free Press reports that, just after a week when Detroit Mayor Dave Bing rejected the notion for a Robocop Statue, the money has been raised by the group from

The fund raising goal of $50,000 has been exceeded with more than 1500 donations of loyal Robocop followers.

The original deadline for the fundraiser was set at March 29th. Detroit artist Jerry Paffendor said the fundraiser will continue and that they will make the statue, “as big and good as possible.”

The group is working with the Mayor to find a spot worthy of the cyborg law man.

As the Detroit Free Press notes, the Robocop campaign really got a kick start when San Francisco businessman, Pete Hottelet, donated $25,000. “Despite everything, we live in a great country, and every day, there’s an opportunity out there to do something awesome,” Hottelet, owner of Omni Consumer Products, told the Free Press. “You just have to find it.”

Robocop is the 1987 movie, from director Paul Verhoeven, that saw Peter Weller as Office Alex Murphy combined with the latest technology to bring together cop and machine in a quest to take down Detroit’s most corrupt. The first movie was awesome, the sequels not so much.

A new Robocop movie was said to be in the works from Black Swan director, Darren Aronofsky. Apparently, due to finances, the movie has been put on hold – but Aronofsky has gone on record stating he would like to get back to it at sometime.