Details on Hellraiser (2012) movie reboot



Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer, currently scripting the latest Hellraiser flick, talked with ShockTillYouDrop and said their version is less a remake and more of a reboot as it take place within the same “Hellraiser” universe.

“We’re keeping it within the world of the box. What the box is and what the box does,” said Lussier with Farmer interjecting, “Clive’s film is very personal. That’s a difficult story for us to come in and re-tell.”

“To go in and tell the story of Frank and the family wouldn’t be right,” added Lussier. “What we went in to pitch with at Dimension was to come at it from a different angle, but go into the same world and see things you haven’t been able to see in the other movies. There have been so many films, how can we make this one different?”

STYD notes the new film will be “R” rated and will be featuring Pinhead and the familiar puzzle box.

Look for the new “Hellraiser” most likely sometime in 2012.

In related news, Boom! Studios is putting out a “Hellraiser” comic book written by Clive Barker, Christopher Monfette and drawn by Leonardo Manco.