Dennis Hopeless Talks Darkhawk in Avengers Arena; New Darkhawk Covers Revealed



DnA attempted to do what Keith Giffen did for Nova in Annihilation, with Darkhawk in War of Kings.

While I actually preferred what DnA were doing with the Raptor, Talon, story-wise, the potential of a Marvel Cosmic Darkhawk we may never know.

And we may never know anything more about Darkhawk’s potential if he doesn’t survive — Avengers Arena.

Avengers Arena is the new series from Dennis Hopeless and Annihilation: Nova artist Kev Walker that sees Marvel’s younger heroes caught up in a game similar to the cult Japanese movie, Battle Royale (now on Netflix!).

It’s kill or be killed.

Dennis Hopeless recently participated in a Marvel Next Big Thing conference call with mention of Darkhawk.


Via CBR:

“Basically, 15 of your favorite Marvel Teenage Superheroes and Darkhawk wake up on an island and they’re told ‘Only one of you is going to come out of it alive,” said Hopeless, who said Arcade has constructed a new Murderworld where heroes will actually get murdered and only one person will get out alive. “Issue #1 is going to sell the readers and the kids on the island that they’re going to have to do this.”

And specifically on Darkhawk, Hopeless offers:

Darkhawk is not a teenager, but Hopeless chose to include him partially because of his love of “Annihilation” and the Marvel Cosmic books from a few years back. “I also liked the idea of someone who was initially a teenage super hero but has grown beyond that,” he said. “If Darkhawk wanted to, he would be able to win this day one.” Hopeless said he hopes to explore how Darkhawk deals with the situation as a mature adult — the writer also wanted to use Kenji from “Generation Hope” in the book, but then the character died.

Avengers Arena #1 hits in December.

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