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Defunct Lobo/Comet New 52 Mini Series Gets Mixed Into Starlin’s Stormwatch


For fans of the The Main Man, Cosmic Book News learned exclusively from Jim Starlin that a DC Comics Lobo/Comet mini-series was in the works.

However, Starlin told CBN M.E. Byron Brewer that the book didn’t work out so the plot was converted to the beginning of his Stormwatch run.

Lobo first appeared in the New 52 during Rob Liefeld’s run on Deathstroke featuring a new origin, with Captain Comet in Grant Morrison’s Action Comics #12.

A Lobo movie was also said to be in the works with the latest news not looking very promising as Dwayne Johnson let it be known that he is no longer attached to the movie.

Head on over here for Byron’s full interview with Jim Starlin on Stormwatch.