Dear Anti-Superhero Philadelpha Pre-K: Time For New Teachers


I got a youngster in Pre-K presently so this kinda hits home for me, and I coach T-Ball children of that age as well.

Apparently, a Pre-K in Philadelphia can’t handle their kids, as the kids are getting into trouble (oh, no!) and they are rough-housing with one another.

Well, the Pre-K school sent the following letter home to parents asking them to monitor what their kids watch (posted on Reddit).

“Wrestling, Super Hero play, and Monster games will not be permitted here…”

“…monitor the different media that your children may view.”

My guess is the kids during playtime are re-acting John Cena vs. CM Punk, The Avengers, Batman, and The Walking Dead. Might throw Call of Duty somewhere in there as well.

Of course, if the kids are getting too physical with one another – it comes down to who is watching them.

And if they don’t stop when they are told to, that’s a whole different story, and nothing to do with a “dangerously overactive imagination,” or superheroes, monsters or wrestling.

It’s called common sense. 

Try using it or get some new teachers who can handle the kids.

Boys will be boys. And girls, too.


(via Bleeding Cool)