DCU Online: Villain Safehouses Trailer



Here is a promo video for the DCU Online “Villains Safehouse.”

From DC:

Sony Online Entertainment has revealed a new video highlighting the Villain Safehouses of Gotham and Metropolis inside DC Universe Online. Serving as hubs for all factions of evil, these safehouses (doubling as nightclubs) are key venues to purchase and repair weapons and connect with other villains in the city. If you make the right connections you can access special items from sinister vendors, so making a name for yourself and networking as a villain is key.

Along with these infamous nightclubs (The Tap Room, Club 539, Club L’Excellence and Sheeda’s Den), players can also enter The Mailroom for teleportation, player recruitment and of course, to check the mail. So what are you waiting for? Take a ride to the city and enjoy the nightlife alongside your favorite DC supervillains!