DC Relaunch: Superman Reboot: What are the options?



News should be hitting Friday morning about the new Superman titles for the DC Relaunch.

Update: New Superman #1, Supergirl #1, Superboy #1, Action Comics #1 Announced

We got a first look at just what DC Comics has in store for readers earlier, with the covers for Superman #1, Supergirl #1 and Superboy #1.

With readers worried about their favorite characters gettin’ the reboot, DC shows off an all new design for the costume – and some say version – of the Man of Steel (possibly even all the related Kryptonians). Some DC creators have even spoken out about their books not being a reboot, such as Scott Snyder on Batman #1, to calm the masses.

However, with Big Blue, comes thoughts of the lawsuit that sees the heirs of Superman creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, set to possibly reclaim some of the rights back to the iconic character.

And by some, I mean Superman’s origins including: Krypton, Jor-El, Lora, Kal-El, Superman crashing on Earth as an infant, Lois Lane, the Clark Kent persona and their jobs at the Daily Planet (assuming this Variety article from 2009 is correct).

If we take a look at the cover for Superman #1 (right) and the new Justice League #1 (left), we see some noticeably different features when comparing the new costume with the old. The two covers don’t show Superman with the “50s curl,” the belt is red (however, it seems to have a more Kryptonian look as it incorporates the symbol), there are no red trunks, and the feature to, perhaps, stand out the most – the “high-tech” boots. Also, DC has stated their “relaunch” characters will be given a younger look (which is more evident in the JL cover).

Overall, this version of Superman, imo, looks a bit more out of this world, compared to his super counterpart you and I grew up with.

If DC is, indeed, giving Superman the reboot treatment – just what do they have in mind? Here are a few possibilities that I came up with:

• Superman has a human origin; I thought of this while reading Flashpoint, as there is no Superman in that Universe (currently). Flashpoint: Project Superman has yet to be released, but was teased with “they experimented on him for years.” Obviously, this could mean Superman was created in a “test tube.” Not sure I like that. Also, this greatly deviates from what fans have been used to, but satisfies the lawsuit if DC loses.

• Superman is an alien/human hybrid. Similar to the above, but human DnA is combined with unknown alien DnA.

• Superman is an alien from a planet other than Krypton. Simple: Why not just change where he came from? Also, change that he didn’t crash as an infant? This would work for Supergirl, as well.

I’ll admit, the first two do sound like Superboy a bit too much.  The third, could be too close to the original leading to conflict (or not). Which leads me to the fourth option:

• Superman’s origin is unknown. I suppose they could pull a “Wolverine,” and keep Superman’s origin unknown, as the lawsuit makes its way through courts. Once resolved, the origin could then be examined and depending on the outcome, the original version of the origin could be restored or a new one implemented. Either Supes has amnesia or just isn’t telling. This does bring back notions of the post-death of Superman story, though.

Of course, there is the possibility that DC is keeping things the same, and will just deal with the lawsuit as that comes along. Another option, and one we have seen in the past, could be to use an alternate universe Supes (with a different origin), possibly mixing in some of the above elements.

Getting back to “calming the masses,” if DC does, indeed, reboot Superman – one might think DC to a riot on their hands! Not likely, as someone has their thinking cap on at DC. It’s strongly been rumored that legendary creator George Perez is on the new Superman #1 as both writer and artist. I hardly see anyone putting up a fight with that super man.

Update: Yesterday (June 9th) was George Perez’s birthday! Happy Birthday!

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