DC Comics Threatens Creators To Shut Up Or Get Put Out?


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4955:]]While 2011 was the year of the New 52 and DC Comics, not one DC Comics comic book made its way into the top ten ranks for 2012.

Image Comics’ The Walking Dead took #1 followed by nine Marvel titles leaving DC — pretty much the same place they have always been?

DC did manage finally to get listed on the charts with with Batman at #17 followed by Justice League at #19.

Apparently, DC Comics and Dan DiDio are none too happy with those results and a plethora of writing changes are going to be made on the lower selling to mid-tier books.

Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool suggests the recent firing – and rehiring – of Gail Simone on Batgirl was only the beginning, but Simone’s social network response seems to have saved her job.

However, with the new firings that are coming DC Comics wants none of that, and according to Rich, has threatened their creators with loss of future work if they make a stink about it.

DC Comics is even said to be going so far as to ask their network of public relation websites to take down interviews and articles about new creative teams that are getting the boot.

It will be interesting to see if that actually happens, and also if a few more creators do come out. 

Regarding Simone on Batgirl, it seemed as if there was an issue between her and the new editor on the book.

I remember when the New 52 was upon us, it was an invigorating fresh start for the DCU. Promises were made to the readers that the writers would be left to create their own stories; however, for a majority, that frankly wasn’t the case.

Why DC Comics is making writing changes is anyone’s guess as obviously the problems do not lie there.