DC Comics Messes Up Legion Again, Again and Again


picYou know, I stated in my reviews of the New 52 issues of Legion, that it was basically a mess of a story. Too many characters, you had really no idea what was what – and what the heck was going on. That seemed to be pretty much what a majority of the reviews I’ve read online stated, as well.

And that was a shame seeing they also said what I said – we all wanted to read and like the book. In my case, I’ve tried and tried to get into Legion, but for some reason or another just couldn’t stay with the book.

Last time I tried, was when legendary creator Jim Shooter was on Legion. And you know what? It was a mess back then, too.

And here’s why.

Apparently, what Shooter scripted didn’t make it to print.  Seems there was a “miscommunication” between writer, editor and artists.

Instead of going into a lengthy deposition, head on over to Bleeding Cool for the full run-down, including page scans.

No idea if something similar happened with the New 52, but we need the sheets changed!

Makes me wonder how often this happens in “bad” comics that I read (lol).