DC Comics Justice League #1 and Flashpoint #5 Midnight Sale Details


picAugust 31st sees the end of the “old” DCU with Flashpoint #5 and also the beginning of the “new” with Justice League #1.

DC has made them available to be sold at midnight with the following conditions:

FP #5 and JL #1 are the only two titles that can be sold at midnight.

DC Comics is offering a free overship of Flashpoint #5.  Retailers who order 125% of their order for Flashpoint #1 will receive a free additional 25% overship, which means retailers can get 150% of their Flashpoint #1 order and only have to pay for 125%. 

This promotion is open to all US and Canadian accounts in good standing currently receiving comics on Tuesday for Wednesday on-sale.  Retailers need to adhere to the on-sale date and time of Wednesday, August 31, at 12:01 am.

Due to the Monday, August 29 Summer Bank Holiday, the midnight sale option will not be available to UK retailers.

Source: ICv2