DC Comics’ Jeff Lemire and Frankenstein To Clean-Up Men Of War Final Issue



The DC Blog The Source announced that the final issue of Men Of War, April’s #8, would be written by Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt with art by Tom Derenick — and feature Frankenstein!

Lemire writes Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E., which is one of my fav’s, as well as another CBN-favorite with Animal Man (a must read!).

The issue will be 40 pages long and see Frank in WWII.

“When Joey Cavalieri asked me to write this special ‘Frankenstein in World War II’ issue of Men of War, I immediately asked if Matt could co-write it with me. It was an incredibly fun experience. We just kept trying to top each other in terms of the crazy ideas we could squeeze into the book, and I think fans are going to have as much fun reading it as we had writing it!” Lemire said.

The source offered the following description as well:

In this action packed issue, Frankenstein walks through a rain of bombs over 1941 London before being dragged to the depths of the Pacific Ocean and onto the shores of Japan. Will he make it there in one piece so he can team up with GI Robot to defeat the Axis weapon that threatens to turn the tide of the war? Frank’s success will hinge on the help of a four-armed super-spy assassin working in the shadows.