DC Comics’ Deadman TV Show Comes To CW


picWith Smallville ending and not returning to the CW, Warner Bros. has begun looking for a super hero replacement for the super show that saw 10 seasons.

Batman? Wonder Woman? The Flash?

How about – Deadman!

Deadline reports that the creator of CW’s Supernatural, Eric Kripke, will write and executive produce the new “Deadman” TV show, currently in development.

Kripke brings with him a lot of success, as Supernatural is entering into its seventh season this fall, and also seems the perfect match for a character like Deadman.

Deadman, real name Boston Brand, is actually just what his name implies: He’s a dead guy, more akin to a ghost, that possesses the bodies of others, seeking out justice.

In his comics origin, Brand was a trapeze artist who gets murdered by a man named Hook as a part of an iniation into a secret society of assassins. 

Should be interesting.

Obviously, this is a total different direction than Smallville, but fans of Supernatural should be at home with Deadman.

Deadman has also been featured on various DC-related animated shows.