DC Comics Boots Gail Simone Off Batgirl Via E-Mail


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4576:]]Back in September of 2011 when Cosmic Book News reviewed every single issue of the New 52, Gail Simone’s Batgirl was one of the many fine new comics that sprung from the event.

I never read Batgirl before, or even would think to have in the first place, but the New 52 gave me an opportunity to try something new, and I’m glad I did.

While I didn’t stick with a majority of the books as it seemed they were all mucked up by Editorial interference, Batgirl and a handful of others stood out as diamonds in the rough.

I remember early on when Ron Marz was booted off of Voodoo for no apparent reason. I wrote in my New 52 6-month update how a majority of the books seemingly read as if they were no longer being written by the writers, but instead how Editorial screwing everything all up.

And by the latest sales figures they have.

Now the latest is that Gail Simone is departing Batgirl — and not by her choice.

Simone let out a series of tweets announcing the news with one being that her editor informed her she was off the book — via e-mail.

This is my Yes-the-news-is-true-and-it-sucks super sad dance. Oddly, it’s square dancing.

On Wednesday of last week, new Batgirl editor Brian Cunningham informed me by email that I was no longer the writer of Batgirl.

It is baffling and sad, I will probably have a statement later today or maybe tomorrow.

But I want to give huge, huge thanks to the other creators in the bat-offices, and editors Bobbie Chase and @yourpallsmitty, champions all.

And the biggest thank you of all to you guys for supporting this book so hugely and making it a commercial and critical success.

I honestly don’t have the words right now to thank you all. I’m pretty choked up and it’s all gratitude, not bitterness.

I am very proud of what we accomplished with Batgirl and it was an honor to get to write Barbara Gordon again. Love that dame.

And with Simone off the book, this won’t be a book I’ll ever be buying anytime soon.

Another “plus” for the New 52.