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DC Comics Bomb #3: Josh Fialkov Off Green Lantern Books?

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:6229:]]Andy Diggle left Action Comics, Supergirl got a phantom writer, and now it appears that Joshua Hale Fialkov is off the Green Lantern books.

Fialkov was set to write Green Lantern Corps and the Red Lantern Corps as part of DC’s new Green Lantern creative teams.

But now, Bleeding Cool is reporting that Fialkov has walked off of both those Green Lantern books.

The reason cited for the recent changes seems to be “repeated editorial changes to already-approved directions that have not been welcomed by the writers.”

It’s also said that both DC and Fialkov have not responded to questioning about the reported departure.

It seems as if DC’s editorial issues continue, even though Dan DiDio recently apologized to creators for the problems.