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David Goyer Wants To Do A Wonder Woman Movie; Future Of DC Movies Riding On Man of Steel

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:7207:]]With all the talk surrounding the Man of Steel, and the future of the Warner Bros. DC movies depending on the new Superman movie, writer David Goyer offers who he would like to film.

Goyer has been rumored to be both writing and directing the Justice League movie, though the latter seems to have been shot down as Zack Snyder is said to be the top contender, but Goyer does state he would like to do another DC Comics property.

Answering questions on the social network Reddit, Goyer responds to a fan’s question about which DC hero he would like to film.

Which DC heroes would I like to film????? Hmmm…. Wonder Woman would be cool.

Warner Bros. has been trying for a while to get anything Wonder Woman related off the ground as there has been two recent attempts (three if you count Joss Whedon’s 2007 canceled movie), with the defunct NBC series and the recent CW series, Amazon, that has been seemingly put on hold.

Perhaps Goyer, known for his “realism” for the Man of Steel and Batman, could do something similar for Wonder Woman?

He did just hint that there will be things in the Man of Steel leading to a DC shared universe.

Speaking of, he also reiterated that the DC shared movie universe is dependent on the new Superman movie.

Sure, there’s a ton of pressure surrounding Man of Steel. WB has a lot riding on it – not just the Superman franchise, but the future of DC movies. More importantly, I think Zack, myself, Henry — we just really want to give the fans the Superman film they deserve. The kind of Superman film I dreamed about making since I saw the first Donner film. I HOPE people like it as much as we do. Knock on wood.

Update: Goyer says more about Wonder Woman:

I think Wonder Woman is a very difficult character to crack. More difficult than Superman, who is also more difficult than Batman. Also, a lot of people in Hollywood believe that it’s hard to do a big action movie with a female lead. I happen to disagree with that. But that tends to be the prevailing wisdom. Hopefully, that’ll change in the next few years. Who should play here? No idea…

Update #2: More:

In order for a Justice League film to happen, MOS has to be successful. That’s up to you guys and about 80 million other people. 😉