Dark Knight Rises: Hugo Strange (Spoilers?) Robin Williams Rumor


bmhs627 Dark Knight Rises: Hugo Strange (Spoilers?) Robin Williams Rumor

A rumor hit the net that Robin Williams might be up for playing Professor Hugo Strange in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Rises.

Apparently, BATMAN-ON-FILM's "Jett" seems to have a "knack" for calling various characters and actors appearing in the movie.

"Jett" posted numerous Bane related articles and we know Bane is being played by Tom Hardy.

"Jett" apparently tweeted a reference to Williams being Hugo Strange.

Robin Williams has also been up for other roles in the Batman movie franchise including the Riddler and even The Joker. Hardy was actually rumored to play Hugo Strange so there is some truth (I suppose) to this.

Now this is interesting in regards to Hugo Strange, The Dark Knight and the comic book version (possible spoilers – I guess):

At the end of The Dark Knight, Batman let himself take the blame for the deaths caused by Two Face/Harvey Dent. As we saw, Batman was being pursued by Gotham's finest.

In the comics, Hugo Strange is a psychologist hired by the Gotham Police to help capture Batman. Hugo goes a little wacky and ends up obsessing over Batman – actually dressing up as the Caped Crusader. Hugo attempts to frame Batman for a series of crimes and also figures out Bat's true identity. However, Batman puts a stop to Hugo with Hugo's knowledge of his identity not holding up.

Furthermore, Hugo Strange has similarities to Bane. Bane also becomes obsessed with the Dark Knight and uses the drug "Venom" that gives him his huge physical prowess. Bane was born at a prison in the Caribbean where he first heard about the stories of the Batman, leading to his obsession. Huge Strange experiments using drugs, on the inmates of Arkham creating "monster men."

At one point, in the comics, Batman thinks some combination of the drug "Venom" and Hugo Strange's "Monster Men" potion was used by someone to attack him.

Perhaps, in The Dark Knight Rises, Hugo Strange is resonsible for "creating" Bane? Maybe, they will merge the two villains' origins.

Strange is also connected to both Scarecrow (appeared in Batman Begins) and Catwoman – who actress Anne Hathaway is playing. (Actually, Catwoman has not been named but her alter-ego Selina Kyle.) Hugo has ties to organized crime as well.

Or, maybe, whoever started the rumor got the two characters mixed up as they are similar.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th 2012.