The Dark Knight Rises Aurora Shooter Said He Was The Joker



More details are becoming known about The Dark Knight Rises Aurora, Colorado shooter, James Holmes.

Last night during the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, Holmes entered through an emergency door, threw a gas canister in front of the movie screen and then proceeded to open fire.

12 people have been killed with 38 injured.

The 24-year-old Holmes was said to be wearing a gas mask, a bullet-proof vest, carried an AK-type rifle and numerous other guns.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, reports THR, said that Holmes had “his hair painted red, he said he was ”˜The Joker,’ obviously the ”˜enemy’ of Batman.”

In addition, James Holmes booby trapped his apartment, with it being said that it will take days for the police to make their way through. The police used a hook-and-ladder fire truck to view inside, which revealed disturbing images and sophisticated devices.

Among the contents noted in the apartment were a movie poster of Will Ferrell from Anchorman as well as a song being played over and over, on repeat.

The AP reports James Holmes was enrolled in the University of Colorado’s graduate school, pursuing his PhD in neuroscience, but recently withdrew.

The Joker is Batman’s main villain and was recently played by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, of course which came with its own tragedy as Ledger died due to drug overdose during post-production.