Cybermen Return To Doctor Who Season 6



The Cybermen have been spotted on the Season 6 set of Doctor Who.

No pics have been revealed, but some small details follow. Maybe we’ll see an upgrade this coming season.

Twitter user Anthony Matthews,, tweeted the following during a set visit:

“Great day today. They’ve been filming for Dr Who at work so lots of cybermen around and also got to meet Karen Gillan who plays the Dr’s assistant Amy Pond. What a lovely person, signed autographs and chatted. Didn’t get to meet Arthur Darvill who plays here on screen partner Rory Williams as he was busy with the cybermen.” also revealed the following from an inside source:

“Cybermen in Pontyclun! Went for a nose and got there just as they were packing up. The only Cybery thing I saw was the suits being packed away. Sadly (?) they looked like the regular Cybus ones. But, Toby Haynes did say on the Confidential for The Pandorica Opens that they were originally going to have new Cybermen in the episode, but only new heads. Makes sense, really. There’s only so much you can do the redesign a suit, and with a new head, spray of silver, and covering up of the Cybus logo, they’d look new.”

The Cybermen are a “race” of cyborgs that first appeared in 1966. Recently, they reappeared in the Doctor Who 2006 season and have been trying to assimilate the Doctor -and everyone else- ever since! Last we saw of the Cybermen, was last year’s season finale when the Doctor had to sacrifice himself to save everyone in “The Big Bang.”

Look for Doctor Who Season 6 this Spring!

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