CW’s Arrow Speculated To Have Batman Connection With Ra’s Al Ghul & League Of Assassins



Back when John Barrowman’s character was a big mystery in Arrow many speculated that he was playing Bruce Wayne.

Now the Batman speculation is back in the form of an episode title for Season Two of Arrow with the fifth called “The Demon’s Head.”

Interestingly enough, Barrowman’s character is stated to be involved as it’s reported a dark Archer named Awwal is trained by Merlyn to be featured in the episode (via

So what exactly is the Batman connection?

Batman villain Ra’s al Ghul translated means “Demon’s Head.”

Any chance this Dark Archer is a member of The League of Assassins? Furthermore, any chance Merlyn could be related to the group?

The second season of Arrow also features The Flash who will be getting his own spinoff film. Could there be a Batman character getting his/her own spinoff series as well? The movies, comic books and video games all have Batman as the main focus, so why not TV?

Almost makes one wonder if Warner Bros. is attempting to build a shared TV universe for the lesser known Justice League members.

A Dick Grayson Nightwing series would work.

The League Of Assassins played heavily into the Christopher Nolan Batman films as Liam Neeson portrayed Ra’s al Ghul, the head of the League of Shadows, in Batman Begins with Marion Cotillard his daughter, Talia, in The Dark Knight Rises.

Update: Marc Guggenheim stated the episode title is actually “League of Assassins.”

Season Two of Arrow debuts Wednesday, October 9th at 8pm ET on the CW.