Advanced Review: Cow Boy (Cosby & Eliopoulos)


Boyd Linney is a bounty hunter, he’s 10-years-old, and he’s out for justice. As he scours the old west looking for his bounties, he’ll stir up trouble within five seconds of entering any city limits. There’s action, comedy, and old fashioned shoot-outs on every page. Every moment of this book is extremely fun, and there are some genuinely heartfelt moments thrown into the mix.

Nate Cosby’s writing is snappy, witty, and made me laugh out loud during some of Boyd’s more lighthearted scenes. This play on the old west genre is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to taking a break from superhero or ultra-violent comic books. Boyd is a character that anyone who never really got along with their family and wanted to be a better person can relate to.

Chris Eliopoulos’ art is reminiscent of the classic Calvin and Hobbes comic strips but isn’t afraid to go a step further in terms of expression and depth. There are some wonderful moments of cartooning where you can feel the hearts of characters break or the spirits of others lifted. It really does go to show you that comics don’t always have to be over-detailed or realistic in order to convey complex ideas or emotions.

An awesome bonus that readers should enjoy in this collection are all of the small back up stories between Boyd’s adventures. There’s “The Man With No Underpants” by Roger Langridge, “A Penguin Never Misses” by Mike Mahack, “Yellow Rose and Black Billy” by Colleen Coover, and “The Wireless West” by Brian Clevinger, Scott Wegener and Mitch Gerads. All of these very short comics are well done and would make wonderful standalone titles. If we’re lucky that might be the next step for some of these creative teams.

The verdict on this book is that it’s well worth any bounty that Archaia is asking for. It has everything you’d want in a western with the added humor and playfulness of classic comic strips. It’s a must have for people who are looking for something different to read.