Could John Carter Be Saved By International Sales? Tops UK; Fans Hopeful For Sequel


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1045:]]While domestically John Carter tanked big time, the Disney movie seems to be doing more than a bit better on the International market.

Described as Hollywood’s biggest flop, John Carter has gone on to claim the #1 spot in the UK, and opened with more than $100 million worldwide.

So far, according to BoxOfficeMojo, Carter has reeled in $183,433,380 worldwide, with less than a third of that coming from the U.S. market, $57,333,380.

And fans are hopeful as more than 5000 are campaigning for a sequel, which director Andrew Stanton began work on before the completion of the first.

The UK’s CoventryTelegraph tells us of a John Carter Fan Facebook page where over 5000 members have gathered to “Take me back to Barsoom.”

However, they do face a hurtle as Stanton previously stated a sequel depends on how well Carter does financially.

John Carter reportedly cost over $250 million to make, plus an extra $100 million marketing budget, with some reports stating that Disney would have to make as much as $700 million to make a profit.

Regarding the sequel, Stanton stated that he saw the film as a trilogy, so he began work writing the script immediately.