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Our last “Cosmic Triune” article, Marvel Editorial to Cosmic Fans: “We’re just not that into you, seemed to strike a chord with readers and creators, alike.

Tom Brevoort, Marvel Senior Vice President of Publishing and Editor, responded to Cosmic Book News via twitter.

While the original article does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Cosmic Book News, what it shows – is that Marvel Cosmic fans are currently unhappy with the pressent situation.

And I can’t blame them for that.

Following is Tom Brevoort’s responses with our very own Timelord responding.

tom brevoort
tom brevoort
tom brevoort

Note: The following twitter user tweeted the following after reading the “Cosmic Triune” article with Tom’s response coming after the above:

uncommon records
tom brevoort

Timelord’s response:

Firstly Mr. Brevoort, thank you for responding to my op-ed piece.

I understand your point of view. Please understand mine.

The nature of capitalism is that if you sell a quality product I want at a price I can afford, I’ll buy it from you. I’m in the market for high quality cosmic stories. Your company had two excellent products that were head and shoulders above the rest of the cosmic offerings from your competitors at DC, Darkhorse, Dynamite, Image, Top Cow, and Bluewater – namely Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy. Nova and GotG brought me into the comics store, and while there, I became interested in and purchased other non-cosmic Marvel titles.

You decided to cancel Nova and GotG even though they sold respectably by most standards (and I can’t believe your company lost money on them). As a result – operating under the rules of capitalism – I voted with my dollars and shifted my purchases to DC, Darkhorse, Dynamite, Image, Top Cow, and Bluewater because Marvel was no longer offering what I was in the market for – and I lost interest in your other titles in the process.

DC offers two excellent cosmic books per month which are consistently among their best sellers – namely Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps. Excitement about the upcoming GL movie is all over the net and a recent poll at Comic Book Resources indicated that it was the most anticipated comics based movie for the year. I guess that shows that cosmic fans are out there and they can represent a substantial purchasing block. Maybe with some support, Nova and GotG could be Marvel’s answer to GL and GLC – and maybe both of these Marvel titles would make great motion pictures to compete with the GL motion picture franchise (and don’t tell me the Thor motion picture is cosmic).

Image, Darkhorse, Dynamite, and Top Cow offer many excellent cosmic titles including Warlord of Mars, the upcoming Starfall, Invincible, Logan’s Run, and Buck Rogers to name but a few. They are offering what I want – so they earn my money.

As I said, Nova and GotG were superior to all of the above – but for some inexplicable reason they are unavailable for continued purchase and what little pseudo-cosmic that is offered by Marvel in their place is not equivalent. Frankly, Marvel dropped the cosmic ball and let the momentum from Thanos Imperative fade. Your competitors picked up the ball and ran with it. DC, Image, Darkhorse, Dynamite, and Top Cow are eating Marvel’s cosmic lunch right now. The longer Marvel waits to develop cosmic, the more Marvel will fall behind.

Offer Nova and GotG again and I’ll begin purchasing Marvel again. Leave them on “indefinite hiatus” and I’ll continue to get my cosmic elsewhere. That’s just how capitalism works.